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Hotel Marketing

Customised Web Strategies For Hotels

Our primary focus lies in developing efficient and effective web strategies tailored specifically to the unique needs of each hotel. With a strong emphasis on optimising online presence, we design visually appealing and user-friendly websites while employing proven search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and lead-generating Google Ads. By driving targeted traffic, generating high-quality leads, and facilitating business growth, our web strategies empower hotels to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

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Why Hoteliers Should Use Our Marketing Services
Minimising OTA Dependency

Reducing dependency on OTAs is a key focus of our marketing services at Smooth Rentals. We understand the impact of high OTA commission fees on your hotel's bottom line, and we are dedicated to helping you regain control over your bookings. Through PPC marketing campaigns, SEO techniques, and personalised direct booking incentives, we drive more traffic to your hotel's website and increase direct bookings.

Attract Off-peak Bookings

Our tailored marketing strategies are designed to capitalise on the opportunities that arise during low-demand periods. By identifying the unique selling points of your property and leveraging data-driven insights, we create compelling promotions and enticing packages to entice guests to choose your hotel during quieter seasons. Through targeted digital advertising, email campaigns, and social media outreach, we engage potential guests and remind past visitors of the exceptional experiences your hotel offers year-round.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Standing out from your competitors is essential in today's competitive hospitality market, and at Smooth Rentals, we have the expertise to help you achieve just that. Our specialised marketing services are designed to highlight your hotel's unique selling points and showcase what sets you apart. We conduct in-depth competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities in the market, allowing us to position your hotel in a way that captures the attention of your target audience.

Specialised In The Hotel Industry

Our team of experts is deeply immersed in the unique challenges and opportunities that hotels face. With an in-depth understanding of the hospitality sector, we have honed our marketing strategies to cater specifically to the needs of hotels. By leveraging our industry-focused knowledge, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that maximise direct bookings, enhance brand identity, and drive sustainable growth for hotels.

Result-driven Marketing Services
Google Ads

Count on our specialised expertise to enhance and optimise your hotel's Google Ads campaigns. We ensure that your advertisements effectively target the right audience, driving quality traffic that converts into valuable leads. With our powerful advertising strategies, you'll witness the full potential of effective marketing and experience the remarkable impact it has on maximising your return on ad spend. 


Our dedication lies in crafting professionally designed, high-performing websites customised to your unique requirements as property managers. Discover the difference of a tailor-made website that authentically represents your brand, drives direct bookings, and sets you apart in the competitive property management industry. Embrace the power of a website designed with your success in mind and watch your business flourish in the digital landscape.


Hotels can confidently rely on our comprehensive SEO services, knowing that tangible and measurable outcomes await. Experience the true power of enhanced online visibility as we attract relevant, motivated organic traffic to your website. Embrace the long-lasting benefits of an optimised online presence that drives success in the competitive property management industry. With our expertise in SEO, your property will stand out and flourish in the digital landscape, delivering remarkable results for your business.

Client Reviews

Patrick has been working with us for over 6 months now and I can honestly say that he's fantastic at what he does. Always picks up the phone, communicates well, and is continuously coming up with ways to improve results!
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Jack Holman Director - Agent Extra
We've been working with Smooth Rentals for a few months now who are running our Google Ads. They go above and beyond with their services, educating our staff in the process - very happy.
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Sue Garson Founder - Safaris For Africa
Pat has been instrumental in our online success, not just from a paid perspective but also organic. By enlisting Pats support in managing our Google Ads strategy, we managed to be in the top rankings for key search words, on both a paid and organic search. His support on also improving our website as well to compliment our Ad strategy also improved our user experience and increased the bookings made on our website, which was our primary goal.
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Sue Garson Founder - Safaris For Africa
We had no issues with the development of our new website, and we are really happy with the final results! We highly recommend them!
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Shaun Rental Owner - Hiburn Holidays

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