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Google Ads patrick 24 May 2023
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Data-Driven Google Ads

Bespoke Google Ad services aligned with your business goals, budget, and team.

Data-driven Campaign Enhancements

By analysing data from Google, we skillfully construct digital profiles of your most responsive audiences. Leveraging these profiles, we optimise your Google Ad campaigns to achieve hyper-targeted precision. Effectively showcasing your content to engaged segments of search engine users fosters heightened conversions, cost efficiency, and an elevated return on ad spend. Our approach hinges on data-driven decision-making, eliminating guesswork and embracing actionable insights.

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There’s a Google Ad package for everyone

We understand that your business demands a tailor-made Google Ad strategy that caters to its distinct requirements. Your goals, budget, and services serve as the bedrock of your Google Ad campaign. Despite limited budgets, we ensure the delivery of quality services to our clients. Our unwavering focus lies in generating a favourable return on ad spend, which is why we won’t propose a campaign unless we are confident it will yield profitability.

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Our Process

Understanding Business Objectives

In the initial step, we prioritise a clear understanding of your business objectives and goals for Google Ads. This entails discussing your target audience, desired outcomes, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will gauge the success of the campaign.

Account Creation and Set-Up

In the second step, we assist with creating/linking your Google Ads account. This includes billing setup, campaign structure, ad groups, keywords, and ad copy. We also help configure conversion tracking and establish a campaign budget.

Campaign Launch and Monitoring

Once the account is set up, launch the campaign. Ongoing monitoring maintains performance, addresses issues, and optimises ad copy, targeting, and metrics for effectiveness.

Launch & Training

In the final step, we offer thorough reporting and analysis of the campaign's performance, including ad spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, and key metrics. We also provide training to empower you in optimising your Google Ad campaign's performance. Result analysis aligned with your objectives yields valuable insights for ongoing optimisation.

Client Reviews

Patrick has been working with us for over 6 months now and I can honestly say that he's fantastic at what he does. Always picks up the phone, communicates well, and is continuously coming up with ways to improve results!
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Jack Holman Director - Agent Extra
We've been working with Smooth Rentals for a few months now who are running our Google Ads. They go above and beyond with their services, educating our staff in the process - very happy.
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Sue Garson Founder - Safaris For Africa
Pat has been instrumental in our online success, not just from a paid perspective but also organic. By enlisting Pats support in managing our Google Ads strategy, we managed to be in the top rankings for key search words, on both a paid and organic search. His support on also improving our website as well to compliment our Ad strategy also improved our user experience and increased the bookings made on our website, which was our primary goal.
green acres logo
Emma Glamping Owner - Green Acres
We had no issues with the development of our new website, and we are really happy with the final results! We highly recommend them!
hiburn holidays logo
Shaun Rental Owner - Hiburn Holidays

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