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SEO patrick 24 May 2023
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Effective & Economical SEO

Tailored SEO services aligned with your business objectives, budget, and team dynamics.

Tailored SEO strategy for your business

At our agency, we steer clear of generic SEO templates for our valued clients. Our approach involves implementing practical and personalised SEO strategies that transcend keyword analysis. We delve into your unique goals, services, target audiences, budget, and more. By integrating these essential components, we develop a well-crafted and scheduled strategy that outlines our systematic plan to drive increased, high-quality organic traffic, leading you towards the attainment of your objectives.

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Expertise and strategies to manage your SEO needs

Our comprehensive skillset encompasses every crucial aspect necessary for executing your SEO strategy successfully. From strategic thinking and compelling content creation to proficient development and insightful data analytics, our team of seasoned professionals has you covered. We attribute our clients’ SEO triumphs to our agile work approach, recognising that project requirements can swiftly evolve. Instead of resisting change, we wholeheartedly embrace it, readily adapting your strategy to ensure timely attainment of your goals.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Conduct an initial consultation with the client to understand their business, goals, target audience, and current SEO status. Gather all relevant information about their website, existing online presence, and competitors.

SEO Audit and Strategy Development

Perform SEO audit to identify website improvements: technical issues, keyword optimisation, content quality, backlink profile. Develop tailored SEO strategy with recommended actions and milestones for objectives.

Implementation and Optimisation

Collaborate with client to implement SEO changes: optimise website, improve keyword targeting, enhance on-page elements, build backlinks. Monitor and adjust SEO performance for optimal results.

Reporting and Ongoing Support

Regularly report SEO progress to clients, including keyword rankings, organic traffic, and key metrics. Provide ongoing support and guidance, addressing questions and adjusting strategy for long-term success.

Client Reviews

Patrick has been working with us for over 6 months now and I can honestly say that he's fantastic at what he does. Always picks up the phone, communicates well, and is continuously coming up with ways to improve results!
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Jack Holman Director - Agent Extra
We've been working with Smooth Rentals for a few months now who are running our Google Ads. They go above and beyond with their services, educating our staff in the process - very happy.
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Sue Garson Founder - Safaris For Africa
Pat has been instrumental in our online success, not just from a paid perspective but also organic. By enlisting Pats support in managing our Google Ads strategy, we managed to be in the top rankings for key search words, on both a paid and organic search. His support on also improving our website as well to compliment our Ad strategy also improved our user experience and increased the bookings made on our website, which was our primary goal.
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Emma Glamping Owner - Green Acres
We had no issues with the development of our new website, and we are really happy with the final results! We highly recommend them!
hiburn holidays logo
Shaun Rental Owner - Hiburn Holidays

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    SEO is an ongoing expedition, with each individual at a unique stage. While some may be starting out, others may find themselves perplexed by the lack of expected organic results despite significant investments in time and resources. Rest assured, we are delighted to offer a complimentary SEO audit and consultation, regardless of your current stage. This invaluable assessment will foster a deeper understanding between both parties, unveiling the necessary measures to generate high-quality, motivated organic traffic for your business. Take the first step towards a fruitful SEO journey by completing the form below.

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