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Our History, Our Vision, Our Business

About Us

How We Came To Be

Our Story

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1. Evolution into Digital

Back in 2015, our digital journey commenced, encompassing development, management, and marketing tasks. Our expertise has since evolved and refined.

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2. Property Insight

Drawing from hands-on experience managing a holiday rental in Spain, we were intimately involved in booking management.

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3. Recognition of Challenges

Our realisation dawned during the management of the holiday rental: heavy reliance on third-party platforms for bookings eroded profits and control significantly.

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4. Smooth Rentals

Armed with this insight and leveraging our marketing expertise, Smooth Rentals was born. Our aim: empower individuals to regain control, driving revenue and profit growth.

Giving Businesses Control

Our Aim For Clients

At Smooth Rentals, we strongly believe that every travel and accommodation business deserves a well-optimised, efficient marketing system. We understand that not all companies have the resources for an in-house marketing team, and relying on a single individual to handle all tasks can be overwhelming and hinder excellence. Our mission is to support businesses in devising, implementing, and sustaining a successful marketing strategy tailored to their unique needs, enabling them to reach and surpass their business objectives with confidence.

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What Our Clients Say...

Forward-thinking Businesses

Who do we help?

We extend a warm invitation to all enterprises within the travel and accommodation industry to leverage our effective marketing services for business enhancement. Whether you are embarking on a new venture, aiming to expand, or seeking to delegate aspects of your marketing strategy, we are here to assist. Our clientele encompasses a wide spectrum, from overseeing end-to-end marketing endeavours for individual business owners to collaborating with small teams on targeted marketing initiatives. With our tailor-made marketing solutions, we seamlessly adapt to your unique business structure, budget, and team requirements, ensuring optimal results.

Why Choose Smooth Rentals

Our Core Principles

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Client Focused

We genuinely care about our clients and their success. Our top priority is understanding your unique needs, goals, and aspirations. With tailored strategies, we ensure your digital marketing aligns with your requirements.

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Building strong client relationships is fostered by clear, consistent communication. We make it a top priority to provide regular updates, promptly resolve any issues, and actively seek feedback to consistently exceed client expectations.

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We work closely with you to set specific goals, establish key performance indicators (KPIs), and diligently track progress. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated with regular reports on the outcomes achieved.

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In the ever-changing digital landscape, client-focused agencies must be agile and adaptable. This entails staying updated on trends, embracing new ideas, and adjusting strategies for optimal results.

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As a client-focused agency, we treats clients as partners, working collaboratively to achieve goals. It involves responsiveness to feedback, inclusive decision-making, and proactive idea-sharing based on client needs.

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We value transparency in processes, pricing, and results. Openness about work approach, fees, and success measurement builds trust for lasting relationships.

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